iLL CiTy

No Fuckery Allowed!

…….Gucci Mane is Dead…….

SO….My name is Ahmed. Hello Readers!! lol…anyway, I’m new to the blog and I thought I’d introduce myself to you. Enough about me. You can look my ass up on Facebook, or you can visit my Tumblr, stalk me on Twitter…etc, etc. LOL…

Well, the other day Jeezy, the Rich Man’s Gucci, FINALLY came back out with a diss to Gucci and OJ. 24 23(Kobe/LeBron). All I say is listen to it. Jeezy went hard, and Gucci’s career is now over…along with the semi-failed career of the glass of Orange Juice sidekick OJ…LOL

I'm Surprised this pic didn't end Gucci's career lol.

Almost forgot the song itself…..u can find it here

24 23 (Kobe/LeBron)


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3 Responses

  1. Ahmed says:

    a certain someone forgot to post this….it was up like a week ago. I’m not late with the music lol

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